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Welcome to GH Therapies for Human, Horse & Hound!

My name is Grace Hamilton and I am a fully qualified and insured soft tissue therapist, specialising in sports and remedial massage therapy for you and your four legged friends.

Prior to university and my postgraduate qualifications, I always knew I wanted a career in something I found meaningful – although it took me a while to figure out which direction I wanted to go in. As a passionate equestrian from the age of 4, I slowly became more and more fascinated with the effects of domestication and subsequent artificial forces placed on the horse, and the physiological effects this had. Throughout my education, I began to delve into this further and soon realised the huge impact soft tissue function has on not only the equine, but humans and canine too.

My belief is that the body, whether it be human, horse or hound is built in the same way as anything else. We have the foundations and frameworks that allow us to function, and everything else in between. Our bodies are incredible, and they should be treated accordingly. However, just like any building, architecture can go wrong. If we fail to preserve and protect the structures that underpin our wellbeing, it allows room for error, weakness and even collapse.

My goal is to work in unison with my clients and other professionals within the industry to provide bespoke treatment and exercises programmes, whether it be for human, horse or hound. I dedicate myself to growing and expanding my knowledge daily, and to continue to add tools to my toolbox to ensure only the finest therapy for my customers.

Regardless of your aims and goals, whether you are athletic or non-athletic, competitive or non-competitive be sure that GH therapies is committed to facilitating your journey in attaining the best version of yourself, horse or hound both mentally and physically.

Take accountability for your body by answering the signs and symptoms with the necessary steps needed to obtain a happier, healthier life. I promise you, whether it be for yourself or your furry friend, you will fall in love with the process of restoring, re-educating and rediscovering life without restrictions.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Grace x