GH Therapies


A head to ‘tail’ treatment

Why should I get my horse(s) treated?

The modern-day horse is subjected to a multitude of unnatural forces from tack and rider, to simply just eating out of a haynet. Regardless of discipline and work-load the horse should be viewed as an athlete, and just like any athlete, to feel and perform to their best they require regular care and maintenance. Implementing regular treatments into your horses routine ensures the finest welfare and optimises performance capacity.

Key reasons/indicators treatment is required :
  • Promote general welfare
  • Following an injury
  • Changes in ridden behaviour (e.g. reluctance to work, stiffness, loss of performance/balance)
  • Lack of progression within ridden work (e.g. struggling with muscular engagement)
  • Signs of discomfort
Key areas that can contribute to muscular asymmetries, tension or pain :
  • Conformational defects
  • Trauma/ Injury
  • Ill fitted tack
  • Overload of work/ change in discipline

Equines are generally recommended a 3-4 monthly ‘MOT’ to ensure the muscular system is kept in optimal functioning condition, and to prevent any minor imbalances/injuries manifesting into more problematic ones.

However, each horse is treated as an individual and so therefore recommendations will vary dependent on individual requirements.

Direct Benefits

What are the benefits of having my horse treated?

  • Promotes both vascular and lymphatic circulation
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Assists flexibility and agility
  • Reduces the formation of scar tissue
  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Reduced duration and intensity of DOMs
  • Enables muscular injury to be pinpointed and rehabilitated
  • Address myofascial dysfunction
  • Pain reduction and management

Client Journey

What to expect during a treatment:

  • Full Medical History/ Consultation Form and Consent Form within the Initial Consultation
  • Static Analysis (Observational and Palpation Assessments)
  • Dynamic Gait Analysis (in-hand/Lunge)
  • Treatment Specific to Requirements
  • Post-treatment Advice
  • Exercise/ Stretch Prescriptions

Price list